Turkish and Spanish Partnership for the Black Diamond!

Turkish and Spanish Partnership for the Black Diamond!

The Black Truffles and Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Network Project which is run by Forest Science Center of Catalonia (CTFC) in collaboration with Yasama Dair Vakif (YADA) brought together 40 experts from the civil society, public, private, and academic sectors of both Spain and Turkey.

The participants first conducted technical visits for two days. They began with a visit to Talya Bitkisel carrying out its research in Antalya and the Western Black Sea Agricultural Research Institution under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock. They observed the oil production process from the aromatic plants and visited the laboratories, cluster gardens, and the production and accumulation greenhouses.

Afterwards, they foraged for black truffles, also referred to as black diamonds, in a set area in a national park in Denizli, which is connected to the Regional Directorate of Forestry. Accompanied by experts, the group gathered wild black truffles in areas of their natural growth, and later observed grafting techniques on growing oak trees.

On the second day of the technical visit, the team conducted a laurel and thyme inventory collection in a region of the Mugla General Directorate of Forestry, along with authorities who provided them with information on how the gathering process is conducted. The trip ended with a final visit to Fethiye, where the team observed a field where black truffles and lavender were planted adjacent to each other.

Following the technical visit, the participants split into two working groups: medicinal aromatic plants and black truffles. A workshop was conducted where they discussed Turkey’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for growth, and possible risks in both of these fields.

The Black Truffles and Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Network Project aims to develop the information available to the public on black truffles and medicinal and aromatic plants in Turkey and Spain, to establish dialogue and cooperation between stakeholders from different areas and sectors, and to support a long-term cooperation between the stakeholders in Turkey and Spain.

For more information on the project, please visit http://civilsocietydialogue.org/project/black-truffles-and-medicinal-aromatic-plants-network/