We Have a Message

We Have a Message

To strengthen the mutual understanding between EU and Turkey, to popularize the good examples of EU financial support, and to improve the network between media in EU and Turkey.

Main activities:

  • 8 short films about the Projects implemented by EU financial support are shot.
  • 40 minutes documentary (consisting of the short films) is produced and broadcasted on media channels.
  • Focus group meeting is organized for drawing a media and communication plan for EU funded activities and guide is prepared.
  • Online surveys are prepared to evaluate the perception on EU and EU financial supports.
16 Migrant Artists Redesign Europe

The second video of We Have a Message Project which aims to increase public awareness on achievements through EU-Turkey co-operation. For further information (in Turkish) please click

Each Minute May Cost A Life

The first video produced by the “We Have a Message Project” focuses on first aid and rescue for winter sports in Erciyes and how this has been improved through a co-operation between Turkey and the EU. For further information please visit