Project Closing with A Documentary

Project Closing with A Documentary

“Adaptation of Turkish Local Media to the European Union” Project which was implemented by Mudanya Journalists Association in collaboration with Bulgarian Journalists Union ended with a documentary.

Mudanya District Governor Orhan Çiftçi, political and civil society organizations’ representatives, branch managers, association members and journalists participated in the ceremony which was held in Mudanya.

The project coordinator Hüseyin Türker mentioned that they successfully completed the 15-month project. After the opening speech, Mudanya Journalists Association Director Yavuz Gerçekçi summarized the activities conducted in Bulgaria and England under the scope of the project. Gerçekçi said that the importance of the inter-communal dialogue was emphasized by the project which aimed to strengthen the collaboration between media organizations in Balkans and Europe and to inform the public and the media workers about Turkey-EU relations.

Following the speeches, the documentary which was prepared as the outcome of the project which contributed to the dialogue both professionally and culturally was presented. The documentary was about the change in minorities and media before and after the European Union in Bulgaria. The 35-minute documentary was shot in 4 months and it included interviews with media organizations, representatives of social media organizations and academicians as well as Turkish people living in Bulgaria.

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