Panel: To Understand, To Express and To Agree

Panel: To Understand, To Express and To Agree

Dialogue Seminars, organized as part of the Civil Society Dialogue Programme is bringing together sector representatives from media, civil society and public. The co-operation of these three sectors, which have a key role in communicating the work in EU-Turkey relations and their impact on everyday life, is improving.

The first Dialogue Seminar was held in Antalya in last April and on 13-14 May there will be another one in İstanbul. Dialogue seminars, to which you can apply online through our website will continue in Gaziantep in June.

The Dialogue Seminars starts with a Panel discussion entitled To Understand, To Express and To Agree, through which experts from three different sectors share their experience and views on how to improve the process of communicating work in EU-Turkey relations and its impact on everyday life of people.

The panel will be open to public, while the seminar participants are identified through the application forms available online. To attend the panel session, please register by sending an e-mail to





Started workingas an editor and and then as editor-in-chief for the Newspot Weekly, issued by Directorate of Press and Information in 1988. Then in 1994 he was appointed as the Press Atache to Turkish Embassy in Athens, Greece where he worked over 6.5 years. On his return to Turkey in year 2000, he was appointed as the Press Advisor to the newly established General Secretariat for European Union Affairs. He has been working as the Press Advisor at the Ministry for European Union Affairs since 2011.

Armağan Feke is moderating the Panel entitled To Understand, To Express and To Agree.




Abdülrezak Altun, academic at Ankara University Communication Faculty, has completed his pst graduate study and doctorate in journalism in the same university. He started his career as a correspondent in Anatolian News Agency in 1985 and then started as an academic at Ankara University in 1990. He has been providing consultancy services to public and international organizations as part of many projects funded either by EU or by country resources.

Having an extensive experience in three identified sectors, Prof Altun will be sharing his experiences in media, public and academic life in the Panel.



Born in 1963 in Germany, Treska studied German Literature and Film. Since 1998, he has been teaching communication and design, digital media and cinema, radio television at different universities across Turkey. Currently, he is an academic at Bilkent University and teaching Communication Design and Media and Design at post graduate level.

Having worked in media EU funded projects Treske will be sharing his experience in CSO-Media co-operations.



Zeynel Lüle had worked as the General Secretary and Head of Press Association at the European Parliament from 1987 to 2000. He is still a board member of the European Journalist Association. Having worked in a series of media outlets such as CNNTürk, Kanal D, TRT Radyo, Hürriyet Daily Zeynel Lüle, worked as the Brussels correspondent of Hürriyet Daily and CNNTurk from 2000 to 2010.

In the panel To Understand, To Express and To Agree, Lüle will be talking the co-operation amongst Media-CSO and Public from a journalist perspective.

Photographs from Dialogue Seminar in Antalya, 21-22 April 2015