Farmers from Çankaya learn to harvest rain in Portugal!

Farmers from Çankaya learn to harvest rain in Portugal!

In the scope of the Rain Harvesting Project, ten farmers, out of which five are women, were selected from the district of Çankaya in Ankara to learn about rain harvesting in Portugal. The project, which is currently conducted by the Landscape Research Association, aims for collaborating corporations to increase their capacity for adapting to climate change at a regional level and to develop their water management systems through the rain harvesting method.

The farmers traveled to Portugal where the project was successfully implemented and saw the application of rain harvesting on site. The farmers, who observed the practice at the fields of The Association for a Humanitarian World (AMH), will implement the method for the first time at their own farms.

The farmers will meet with the Agricultural Development Cooperatives to discuss a larger-scale implementation after applying the method of rain harvesting to collect water for their own fruit and vegetable productions. The Agricultural Development Cooperative, which was formed after the union of Çankaya’s rural neighborhoods, includes the districts of Karahasanlı, Evciler, Kömürcüler, Akarlar, Tohumlar, and Yayla.

The technical trip also included training of trainers in order to enable participants to provide training in collaborating organizations.

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