Europe’s culture route is connecting with Turkey!

Europe’s culture route is connecting with Turkey!

Under the scope of the Europe to Turkey on Foot Project, the Via Francigena walking route which starts in the United Kingdom, passes through Switzerland and France and ends in Rome is being connected to Turkey through the Balkans.

The involvement of Turkey in the 2 thousand km Via Francigena route which has been registered by the Council of Europe, Institute of Culture Routes, will not only increase Turkey’s promotion in Europe but will also contribute to the maintenance, preservation and recognition of the 17 culture routes in Turkey.

Culture Routes Society will adapt the trekking tourism system which was coordinated by the project’s European partner Via Francigena Union in collaboration with municipalities in Italy. Antalya Demre Municipality, Bursa İnegöl Municipality and Isparta Eğirdir Municipality which host Evliya Çelebi Way, St Paul Way and Lycian Way are also supporting the project.

The best practices in Europe regarding the accommodation and other needs of walkers are observed on site. After these services and routes are observed in Italy, regional plans for Turkey will be developed and a pilot region will be selected. Cultural Legacy Students from Italian Universities will be testing these pilot regions.

Turkey’s cultural routes will be introduced to the European walkers in the annual Via Francigena Festival in Italy. Thus, the culture routes in Turkey will attract more tourists.

Europe to Turkey on Foot Project will also contribute to the preservation of other culture routes like Lycian Way. It will serve as a model for other routes by finding solutions for issues like how to collaborate with municipalities. In this way, a cultural route management and implementation guide in compliance with the European standards will be developed.

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