Closing Event of the Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Project

Closing Event of the Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Project

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Project implemented by the Karşıyaka Renewable Energy Association has ended with the Renewable Energy Culture (GünFest) Festival, which lasted for four days.

The Project has been jointly implemented with the Karşıyaka Social Responsibility and Science Association, Karşıyaka Union and Solidarity Association and Italian partner Kyoto Club. At the closing festival of the project, contests of poetry, caricature, short movie and science communication presentation have been organized under the themes of renewable energy, solar energy, energy efficiency and climate change.

The festival was visited by around 400 people and besides climate change and solar energy experts; and civil society actors, many educational institutions and industrial enterprises met with the participants in the booths they opened.

The Project which started with the aim of encouraging citizens to consume  more nature friendly energy resources through contributing to renewable energy culture, was implemented in 8 districts covering the northern part of Izmir (Karşıyaka, Çiğli, Menemen, Aliağa, Foça, Bergama, Dikili, Kınık).

Local trainings and workshops were organized with the participation of energy experts from universities, civil society organisations and other related institutions. Best practices in Europe were presented to civil society actors. Engineers, architects, lawyers, compound and apartment managers, who were the target audience of the project, were technically and practically informed and awareness on solar energy and energy efficiency was created.