Civil Society Dialogue-VI and Civil Society Support Programme-III Final Reporting Training Held in Ankara

The Final Reporting Training, which was held on 9-11 March 2022, started with the opening speech of Hakan Atik, Head of Department of Project Implementation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs. In his speech, Atik made a general evaluation of the two programmes and stated their goals for the development of civil society for the upcoming period as Directorate for EU Affairs.

In the training, which lasted for 3 days and brought together the CSOs who have implemented their projects by receiving grants within the scope of two programmes with representatives of the CSOs, Directorate for EU Affairs and Central Contracts and Finance Unit on the rules regarding the preparation of technical and financial reports, related supporting documents and the preparation of communication and visibility materials for reporting were presented. The training programme ended following the discussion sessions.

You can find the agenda of the trainings here.