Civil Society Dialogue in the Cappadocia Festival

Civil Society Dialogue in the Cappadocia Festival

Civil Society Dialogue-Contemplations Project which is an outcome of the studies which CRT SBlaise Theatre Researches and Creation Center conducted to examine the relationship between theatre and traditional arts, helped many international artists, academicians and thinkers to get together in Cappadocia Festival on August 21-23, 2015.

The project builds up an intersection area between disciplines of social sciences and various fields of art especially theatre, dance and music. It asks the following questions through an inter-disciplinary approach: What is the role of art within the individual’s journey of self-consciousness? How can art mirror us today? These questions are being handled in activities with an international and cultural point of view within the framework of the project.

The festival which will be held in Cappadocia, Uchisar on August, 21–23 hosts various activities:

Within the framework of the festival, the famous Balinese actor Tapa Sudana whom we would remember from Peter Brook’s plays and Theatre du Soleil’s musical director Jean-Jacques Lemêtre are conducting workshops for the first time in Turkey.

Yer ile Gök Arasında – Köroğlu Destanı is written by Ali ihsan Kaleci based on the Legend of Köroğlu and will be staged with an international cast in Cappadocia for the first time.

Academic Meeting
A series of discussions will be organized with the international and Turkish academicians/researchers who will monitor the workshop and the show, will be organized to assess the basics of the project and the festival process.

All activities in the ‘Contemplations Project – Cappadocia Festival’ are free of charge. The festival team has created suitable accommodation options for all participants through agreements with the campings, pensions, motels and restaurants to be able to host all participants from other cities. 

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