A First in Turkey!

A First in Turkey!

The students were certified for Entrepreneurial Skills!

The International Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) exam which certifies that the 15-19 year old students gained the real entrepreneurship experience, knowledge, skills and competence to start a business and to be employed successfully, was held in Turkey for the first time in İstanbul and İzmir within the scope of the Entrepreneurship Education Project. 

In these two pilot provinces, the ESP final exam was given to a total of 103 students who would like to test their real entrepreneurship talent, economic knowledge and professional skills going through a full-year in-school mini-company experience. 58 students passed the exam by reaching the 70% success criteria required for the ESP certificate. 45 teachers were also trained under the project to inform their students about the program.

The students became part of an international network by the ESP certificates which are implemented in 23 countries. They not only received an international certificate which will effect their university applications in a positive way but also benefited from an opportunity which will carry them a step further in job opportunities.

What is ESP? Why is it important?
The ESP Program which is implemented in 23 countries, provides real advantages to certified youth in business world. Companies and institutions support the program by providing additional opportunities for ESP certificate owners. These institutions see ESP as a competition advantage for young people who would like to get advanced training, who get a start in business and who start their own businesses. Certificate owners also have the chance to reach opportunities offered by small- and large-scale enterprises, high-level and international institutions in Europe.

For more information about the project, please visit http://civilsocietydialogue.org/project/strengthening-entrepreneurship-education-in-turkey/