Family Basketball Tournaments in Turkey and Lithuania

Family Basketball Tournaments in Turkey and Lithuania

Be on Court, be Healthy project is getting prepared to start a new for the first time in Turkey. 24 young basketball coaches from various provinces of Turkey are trained within the scope of the project that started almost a year ago. They visited Lithuania –a country where basketball is a culture- and observed on site how traditional family basketball tournaments are organized. After mutual experience sharing, these young coaches started to work for the organization of the family tournaments which will be held in Turkey for the first time.

Totally 1200 people are participating in the family tournaments

Through the project, young coaches are getting prepared to bring 480 children and 480 parents together in 12 provinces (İzmir, Erzurum, Elazığ, İstanbul, Trabzon, Samsun, Kayseri Ankara, Mersin, Antalya, Çanakkale, Gaziantep, İstanbul).

The project implemented by the Türk Basketbolunu Geliştirme ve Eğitim Vakfı reaches to Lithuania as well. With project partner Asociacja Aktyvistai , 120 children and their parents come together in family tournaments in Vilnius, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Kėdainiai, Alytus, Plungė, ve Kaunas cities simultaneously with Turkey.

Türkiye Basketbol Federasyonu, Litvanya Basketbol Federasyonun  da iştirakçi olarak yer aldıkları proje, basketbolu bir araç olarak kullanarak, genç nesillere takım oyunu, çabuk ve doğru karar verme, dayanışma, kötü alışkanlıklardan uzak durma başta olmak üzere, spor bilincini yaymak ve yaygınlaştırmaktan yola çıktı. Sahada Ol Sağlıklı Ol projesi, spor sayesinde elde edinilecek avantajların farkına varılması ve öğrenilerek gerek ailelerin gerekse gençlerin yaşam kültürlerinin bir parçası olmasını hedefliyor. Bu sayede sadece gençlerin değil, ailelerinin de spora yönelimini artırmayı hedefliyor.

The project, in which the Turkish Basketball Federation and Lithuanian Basketball Federation are participating as associates, was started to spread and raise sports consciousness, and to support younger generation in team play, quick and accurate decision making, solidarity and avoidance of bad habits, by using basketball as a tool. Be on Court, Be Healthy project aims to have young people and their families realize the benefits of sports and make it a part of their life culture. By this means, it also aims to increase the sports interest of not young people but also their families.

Besides the tournaments where 12-16 year-old  children share the same court with their families; uniforms, shoes, sports bags are distributed to all selected disadvantaged children. Children receive wellness and personal development training. At the same time, the families of children who receive these trainings are also supported. A seminar on health and physical activity is organized for parents to support their children’s development. One of the most important outputs of the project is the granting of FIBA 3X3 Basketball License to children.

Be On Court, Be Healthy Project Took Part in All-Star 2017!

The Sahada Ol Sağlı Ol ol project, which also sponsored the “shoulder to shoulder” campaign initiated by the Basketball Federation, was at the Ülker Sports Arena on Sunday, January 15th. The ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ message, which reinforces our national unification was given once again in a more powerful way in All-Star2017, where star basketball players, basketball community, media members, artists, business world and basketball fans were involved. The entire income of Sports Toto All-Star 2017 was donated to the campaign which was launched to help the families of martyrs and veterans. The match, which started with the ball that was brought to the court by one of the children in the scope of the project, emphasized the unifying power of sports.